2013-04-19 - [ thought ]

Many things have changed since last update. It might be a good pretext that I'm doing my internship so have no time to get things updated here.

Anyway, At least I'm still trying to make me active by commit codes to github.com :)

What I've done for these days?

Working on my repo: thinking-dumps, I think it's a great idea to force myself keep doing things that can extend my knowledge.

I've finished reading on 2 books:

  • Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

    Great book that show me 7 different programming languages.

  • Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days

    I'd like to start reading SICP, and I think some basic knowledge about Scheme might be helpful.

What I'm doing?

  • SICP

    Now I'm working on SICP. I felt excited when I found the last task was to implement a complier of Scheme. And it will be a great work if I can complete all the exercises in this book.

  • F Sharp

    Just want to learn another language. And since F# is a member of .Net language, I think I can use it as well as take advantage of other .Net languages (mainly C#) in my future time. BTW: LINQ is great, which brings some concepts from functional programming into .Net's world :) The book I'm currently working with is “Programming F#”. You can see it is a branch in my repo. I'd merge it into master branch as soon as I've finish exploring this book.

  • Internship

    Of course I need to do my real job. It is a good job that I have interest in, despite sometimes I felt exhausted or disappointed.

What I'm going to do?

  • Programming with Haskell

    Haskell is my favorite! I'll like to read Real World Haskell, and come up with some applications.

  • writing a sudoku solver

  • writing a sokoban game with GUI

  • exploring xmonad

  • a snake game solver (by finding Eulerian paths) (try to use ncurse bindings)

I'll try to achieve things listed above, but I have no idea about when I'll achieve all of them.

All in all, I'd like to keep thinking and be ready to share everything I have explored.

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