Javran (myself)

My name is Javran (Fang) Cheng, first year Ph.D student in University of Maryland. I received my Bachelor degree from Northeastern University, China in 2013.

I'm still looking for a research area that I have most interest in, but hopefully it would be some area about programming languages.

In my spare time, I read technical books and play with exercises in it; have fun configuring GNU/linux; write toy scripts to make me more lazy.

Hope you enjoy yourself and find something interesting here.


My email address is Javran.C (gmail). This is my prefered method of contact. Conversations are welcomed.

Also feel free to talk with me via XMPP-compatible protocols: javran@jabber.org or GTalk.

You might find me on:

or, if you speak Chinese:


Javrania (this site)

Javrania is the name of Javran's blog.


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