2012-10-14 - [ gimp ]

Today I attempted to make a favicon for my blog :)

Actually I've designed a logo which is centrosymmetric and contains many curves. Sadly, drawing symmetric curves is really a big challenge for newbies like me, I've tried draw some paths and do some filp and rotation to make it looks symmetric, but the result does not seem very good.

After suffering a lot drawing curves, I decide to change my design so that it will only contain straight lines. By taking advantage of the conversion between paths and selections in gimp, I was able to create this picture. In addition I showed grids when drawing paths so I can draw more precisely.

My blog's facicon

Of course, I'd like to talk about what my favicon means. Though looks like “N”, it combines “Jav”, short for my English name, and a greek letter “lambda” which is highlighted by cyan merely because I thought it was cool.

Now there are some suggestions about making a favicon for newbies like me :)

  • Google is your friend. Search to find concepts about “path”, “selection” in gimp, and their basic operations like “flip” and “rotate”.

  • Try to use straight lines instead of curve ones in your designs if you find it difficult to handle them properly.

  • Make use of “alignment” and “grid”, rather than taking pain to arrage things manually.

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