2012-10-29 - [ android, vim, eclipse ]

Of course it was really handy using eclipse for android development, however recently I don't know what the hell eclipse is doing background, it does not respond frequently when I am editing java codes and the only thing I could do is to kill it.

Maybe it is because I've added a 1G memory? And everything keep working except eclipse? Or maybe it is because I've got too much plugin? But all I have is the plugins installed following the ADT installation instructions.

Get rid of eclipse! At least I don't want to get me mad again.

Then currently I might have found the way, by making use of vim and eclim, the latter runs eclipse headlessly.

Just keep a memo for myself about how to develop android programs without eclipse.

This post will keep merging things I think necessary for me to develop android apps.

Since I'm not familiar with vim though I've used it for a long time, I might keep some basic knowledge about vim here.


How to XXX

connect with Eclim

Eclim works as a daemon, go to your eclipse root directory, run ./eclimd start so that eclim will be started as daemon.

to shutdown the daemon, use command :ShutdownEclim or run $ECLIPSE_HOME/eclim -command shutdown

Open a vim, use command :PingEclim, if you can see the version of eclim and eclipse, the installation of eclim is done

create android project

open vim, create project:

:ProjectCreate {project_path} -n android

and .project as well as .classpath should have been generated.

project commands

:ProjectList prints a list of all projects available in eclipse.

:ProjectTree {project name} show the project root directory and its structure.

:ProjectDelete {project name} removes project

build & install project

run :Ant debug install in the project's root directory, and the built .apk file is located at ./bin

note that ant requires build.xml in the project's root directory, if you cannot find one, use android update project -p {project path} --n {project name} to generate one.

code completion

Ctrl+x Ctrl+u to open suggestions Ctrl+p move to the next

command mapping

edit .vimrc

set <m-i>=^[i
set <m-o>=^[o
set <m-c>=^[c

"alt+i for auto import neccessary packages
"alt+o for open project
nmap <m-i> :JavaImportOrganize<CR>
nmap <m-o> :ProjectTree<CR>
nmap <m-c> :JavaCorrect<CR>

note: ^[i is inputted by <ctrl+v><alt+i> and ^[o is inputted by <ctrl+v><alt+o>, etc.

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